Rottweilers Of Las Vegas


As the director and producer of "Rottweilers of Las Vegas," I am thrilled to take you behind the scenes of this passion project that has captured our hearts. When Robert approached us with the idea of showcasing the incredible work of this non-profit rescue organization, I knew we had to create something special that focused on the true stars of the show—the Rottweilers.

Our mission from the start was clear: to dispel the myths surrounding these often misunderstood dog breeds and highlight the positive qualities that make them such amazing companions. Rottweilers are more than their intimidating appearance; they are loyal, loving, and incredibly intelligent animals.

From the first day of pre-production, it was evident that this project would be a labor of love. The dedicated team behind "Rottweilers of Las Vegas" shared a common goal—to give these dogs a voice and showcase the incredible work being done to rescue and rehabilitate them. We spent hours researching, interacting, and immersing ourselves in the daily lives of these remarkable animals.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the production was witnessing the transformation of each Rottweiler, from rescue to rehabilitation to finding their forever homes. The resilience and spirit of these dogs inspired us every step of the way. Through our lens, we captured moments of joy, courage, and the unbreakable bond formed between the dogs and their dedicated caregivers.

As the footage came together, it became clear that "Rottweilers of Las Vegas" was more than just a commercial—it was a celebration of love and compassion. We hope that by sharing these stories, we can change perceptions and encourage others to consider adopting these incredible animals.

In the end, this project became a testament to the power of storytelling and the impact it can have on challenging stereotypes. Rottweilers of Las Vegas is not just a rescue organization; it's a heartfelt effort that encourage people to see beyond the misconceptions and embrace the love that these remarkable dogs bring into our lives.


DIRECTORS / Theone Ly & Jonathan Del Pozo

PRODUCER / Theone Ly

DP / Robert Edu

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