Kills Me


The creation of the "Kills Me" lyric video for Bahari in collaboration with Epic Records was a thrilling venture that exemplified BLVCKĐEN's commitment to pushing creative boundaries. As both the director and producer of this project, alongside the immensely talented visual effects artist and animator Jonathan Del Pozo, the goal was to weave a visually stunning narrative inspired by the iconic Blade Runner.

Bahari, renowned for their mesmerizing hits, entrusted BLVCKĐEN to translate the emotional depth of "Kills Me" into a captivating visual journey. The inspiration drawn from Blade Runner served as a guiding force, setting the tone for a dystopian and evocative lyric video that would complement the essence of the song.

The collaborative process with Jonathan Del Pozo was integral to the success of this project. Together, we employed intricate visual effects and a mesmerizing color palette to transport viewers into a futuristic landscape, mirroring the emotional cadence of "Kills Me." The result was an immersive experience that seamlessly fused music and visuals, enhancing the impact of the song.

The lyric video takes audiences on a visually striking journey, capturing the essence of "Kills Me" through a Blade Runner-inspired lens. The intricacies of the visual effects and the meticulous attention to detail are a testament to the dedication of BLVCKĐEN's visionary team.

The collaboration with Epic Records and Sony Music Entertainment further underscores BLVCKĐEN's reputation as a leader in the production industry. This project is not just a lyric video; it's a manifestation of our commitment to excellence and innovation. The seamless fusion of music and visual storytelling in the "Kills Me" video is an embodiment of BLVCKĐEN's ability to create captivating and immersive experiences, solidifying our position as pioneers in the industry.

Witness the result of this groundbreaking collaboration on Bahari's official YouTube channel and immerse yourself in the Blade Runner-inspired world of "Kills Me":


DIRECTORS / Theone Ly & Jonathan Del Pozo

PRODUCER / Theone Ly

DP / Corey Cao Nguyen

ANIMATOR / Jonathan Del Pozo

ASSISTANT EDITOR / Alinna Boonklun


(C) 2023 Bahari Music, LLC/Epic Records. With Heroine Music Group

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