"Bloom," the soulful creation written and performed by the immensely talented Ellen Shieh, is not just a song; it's a heartfelt anthem dedicated to those who often feel like outcasts or late bloomers in the garden of life. As the Director and Producer of the accompanying music video, bringing Ellen's vision to life was a transformative experience that went beyond the notes and lyrics.

The heart of "Bloom" lies in its dedication to empowerment, particularly women-empowerment. Ellen's poignant lyrics resonate with individuals navigating the complexities of self-discovery, offering solace to those who may feel like they're blooming a little later than the rest. It's a celebration of uniqueness and a reminder that everyone has their own timeline.

For the music video, my goal was to elevate the empowering essence of the song through distinctive visual storytelling. We ventured into mystical set designs that served as a symbolic backdrop for the personal journeys we all undertake. The creative style embraced layering and juxtaposing visual elements, adding a touch of enchantment and depth to the narrative.

We transformed a bathtub into an enchanted forest.

One of the unique aspects of the video is the intentional restraint in camera movement. The deliberate choice to minimize camera dynamics allowed us to emphasize movement within the frame. This decision was symbolic, reflecting the internal chaos experienced by those grappling with self-doubt. The lack of external movement mirrors the internal struggles, creating a visually evocative representation of the emotional journey within.

"Bloom" is more than a music video; it's a visual poetry that speaks to the resilience within us all. It's a testament to embracing individual timelines, breaking free from societal expectations, and celebrating the strength found in the late bloomers. The mystical journey we crafted mirrors the transformative power of self-acceptance, and I am proud to have been a part of bringing this empowering narrative to life.


SINGER & SONGWRITER / Ellen Shieh @ellenshiehofficial

MUSIC PRODUCER / Andrew Yang @anduhrooo and Khuê @thekhue

DIRECTOR & PRODUCER / Theone Ly @theonly.theonely

PRODUCER / Christine Petrivelli @cpetrivelli

DP / Corey Cao Nguyen @coreynguyen_dp

PRODUCTION DESIGNER & COSTUME / Angela Paviera @angelarosefilms

VFX SUPERVISOR / Jonathan Del Pozo @jondelpozo

EDITOR / Jazmin Clarito @jazminiature

1ST AD / Patricia Esguerra @pattie_melt

SET DRESSER / Emily Morrison @em_ilymorr

HMUA / Jordan Nguyen @jordann_nguyen

1ST AC / Raghav Ravi @raghavravifilm

2ND AC / Alyssa Deocampo @w_alyssar

GAFFER / Larry Tang @larry.tang08

KEY GRIP / Jacob Cravens-Meza @astrangecraving

GNE / Samira Gonzalez @samiragonzalez145

BTS PHOTOGRAPHERS / Rem Ritrato @rem_ritrato and Isiah Johnson @isiahjohnson93

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