Banh Xeo Boys


Heading the production of the Banh Xeo Boys Commercial Package for BLVCKDEN Productions was an exhilarating journey that demanded careful orchestration at every step. As Theone Ly, my role extended beyond acquiring the client; it involved establishing a robust foundation for collaboration and ensuring a seamless production process.

Upon acquiring the Banh Xeo Boys as a client, effective communication became paramount. Understanding their vision and objectives was not just a formality but a key element in crafting a narrative that resonated with their brand identity. Through insightful discussions, I meticulously drew out the scope of the project, aligning every element with the client's goals.

The crucial phase of location scouting was a hands-on task, demanding a meticulous search for settings that not only provided visually compelling backdrops but also complemented the Banh Xeo Boys' narrative. Each location was chosen with the intent to enhance the storytelling and visual impact of the final product.

Assembling a dedicated crew was an art in itself. From camera operators to lighting specialists, each team member was carefully selected to ensure a harmonious collaboration, contributing to the overall success of the project.

The logistical planning was my responsibility, and meticulous coordination of schedules, equipment, and resources was vital. This behind-the-scenes orchestration ensured that the production timeline remained on track, ultimately delivering a polished final product that exceeded the Banh Xeo Boys' expectations.

In essence, my role in the Banh Xeo Boys Commercial Package transcended traditional project management. It was a hands-on, strategic approach involving clear communication, meticulous planning, and expert coordination. The final result stands as a testament to my dedication to bringing creative visions to life through a collaborative and well-executed production process.


DIRECTOR / Jonathan Del Pozo

PRODUCER / Theone Ly

DP / Robert Edu

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